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The submitted articles are selected for publication through blind peer reviewing after having been subjected to a rigorous preliminary evaluation and plagiarism check in accordance with our publication ethics.

In order to promote high scientific and academic standards of quality, our reviewers, selected from a large group of qualified experts, will conduct objective and impartial critical evaluation of each individual article according to the Journal’s assessment criteria, and propose its acceptance or rejection for publication.

Articles submitted and eventually accepted for publication must comply with our Article Submission Guidelines (see FOR AUTHORS).

The assessment process, which may take 4 or 5 weeks, begins with editor forwarding the submissions in anonymous form to 2 anonymous reviewers. The results of the evaluation along with recommendations and observations from the reviewers will be sent to the authors by the editor.

The assessment criteria would consider the thematic link and relevance to the Journal’s scope, innovative contribution and originality, appropriateness of the title and abstract, appropriateness of the method, argument, terminology and interpretation, accuracy of theoretical and critical reference and bibliography, and language and linguistic appropriateness. The final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript belongs to the editorial board.

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